Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Tracking says my products arrived, but only some of the items were in the box.

       A: Don't worry! When ordering multiple items, it is likely, because of the weight of each item, that large shipments will be broken into smaller shipments or items may be shipped from different locations. Unfortunately, only one tracking number is provided, even though there may be more than one box. If your remaining items haven't arrived in a day or two, please contact us. 

Q: Do the plates, mugs, or bowls get hot in the microwave?

       A: Our products are microwave safe, meaning the microwave will not warp the dish, leach the glaze from the dish into your food, and/or the dish will not explode in the microwave. They will heat up in contact with hot food so we recommend using hot pads to remove hot dishes from the microwave.

Q: Where are your products made?

      A: We manufacture them in China and then have an independent third party test each order to ensure they contain no lead or cadmium.

Q: Will you guys replace if a plate, bowl, or mug has a crack or other defect?

      A: Absolutely! We offer a one year warranty against manufacturing defects. Email for a replacement. 

Q: Do you use true porcelain, fired between 1200 and 1400°C (2,200 and 2,600° F)? Hard-paste, soft-paste, or bone china?

      A: We manufacture all of our products with true porcelain. They do not contain bone china. Hard-paste porcelain and soft-paste porcelain are generally differentiated by the firing temperature. Hard-paste porcelain is usually fired around 1400°C and soft-paste porcelain is typically fired around 1200°C. We fire our products at 1300 degrees Celsius (2372° F).

Q: Are the cereal bowls sturdy or do they seem unsteady due to the smaller base?

      A: The pedestal (foot) helps to steady the bowls and keep the heat from foods microwaved in the bowl off the surface (table, counter, etc.) the bowl is placed on. 

Q: Where can we see a copy of the certificate for the third party testing for lead and cadmium?

     A: We have an independent lab test each order. If you would like to see the most recent report, please email us at for a copy. 

Q: Why do you manufacture your products in China?

      A: We spent several months searching for a reputable manufacturer for our products. Our first choice was to manufacture our products in the U.S. However, after contacting a few ceramic manufacturers in the U.S., it was apparent none of them could produce the kind of product we wanted at a price that would be affordable to consumers. We also searched other countries, including Mexico and India, but they could not support our sales velocity. We carefully checked out manufacturers in China. We have been using our current manufacturer for approximately two years. Only adults are employed (no child labor). We pay them a livable, decent wage.