About Us


    Hi, we're Robert & Jessica! We realized, in our mid-30s, that we were still using cheap dishes we bought from the dollar store when we started college. Sure, they still functioned as plates and bowls, but they were ugly. Jessica had read a popular book about organization and was on a mission to only have items we loved in our home but we couldn't find any dinnerware we liked.

    Around the same time, we started a business. We stumbled upon some mix and match bowls from a well-known company and asked them if we could re-sell their products and they said yes! We began selling their mix and match bowls, and there were MAJOR quality issues. Like, a ton. Plus, their designs weren't cute and they didn't test their products manufactured in China to ensure they did not contain lead. 

    We decided we could manufacture better, higher-quality products, with more modern designs, and charge our customers about the wholesale price for a set of bowls from the other company.  

    So we designed twelve patterns, with the help of a talented graphic designer named Micheal, and selected colors for those designs that would coordinate and complement one another. We also made other changes- using only the highest grade of porcelain available, grade A, to manufacture all of our products. We only use grade A porcelain because all of the other grades of porcelain have a lot of defects. 

    We also want to feel comfortable using our products every day, so we regularly hire an independent lab to test our products to ensure they do not contain lead or cadmium. 

    We hope you don't have any issues with your Annovero dinnerware, but if you do, we are here to offer outstanding customer service. We are here to serve you and we don't have a business without you, so customers are VERY important to us. Thank you for trusting us to set your table!